AirPlane Painter, an expert painter for regional aircraft, medium size and VIP.

Established in 2002, AIRPLANE PAINTER quickly became a reference in the Aviation world thanks to the experience of its founder, Mr. Arslan. He is the one who has developped the concept of the modular and mobile paint booth, able to adapt to any Aircraft type.

This concept has subsequently been approved by the major players in the Aviation industries.

AIRPLANE PAINTER then settles in Hangar N°4 of Toulouse Francazal Airport in 2012 and today, quality performed, flexibility and professionalism have convinced big names to send their Aircraft to be painted at AIRPLANE PAINTER.

AIRPLANE PAINTER now has 2 fully equipped paint booths. One dedicated to Regional Aircraft and the other to medium Aircraft up to B737-900 and A321.


AIRPLANE PAINTER has been granted the EN 9100 Certification and is also planning ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the near future.

Certification EN 9100